2017 flyer [PDF]

To “improvise” is to “improve upon.”

June—August 2016
Young people learn to play and write 12-bar Blues, with a view to the history of the Blues as a means of self discovery and self expression.

Learn the Ukulele —
   Write and Play the Blues

Under the guidance of experienced educator/performers, children ages 10 to 14 years learn about the Blues, its roots in slavery and emancipation, and its role in the struggle of a people for dignity and respect. They learn the chords of the Blues on the ukulele (provided) and write two Blues songs, which they’ll record in a local studio.

Rosy Cervantes is a renowned Mexican singer songwriter and recording artist, who is also an established Counsellor in Psychology. Richard Fouchaux is a music educator, guitarist and song writer who has taught and performed coast to coast since the 1980s.
Learn more about these two on the Artistic History page!

When the Blues artist works a short motif into a solo it’s like making a statement. As a young musician practices to master an instrument, developing a sound and style of their own it’s like finding a voice. The Blues is the story of improvisations on poverty, slavery, oppression and struggle, and the transformation of a people.

Young people today face a world very different in many respects, and yet they still see and experience violence and oppression. They can relate to stories of fairness and social justice and see parallels to issues they face in their own lives. Children and young adolescents who hear stories of individual Blues men’s struggles feel empathy and can acquire the same kinds of resolve. The basics of the Blues—5 notes and 3 chords—are relatively simple to grasp, and yet they are seeds that grow and may bear fruit for years to come.

This workshop offers young people the way of music as an axis of cognitive-emotional expression. Music works both physically through rhythm, emotionally through melody and dynamics, and cognitively through the musical and lyrical structure.

We believe…

Artistic creation is a vehicle that gives coherence to any life experience to be communicated through it.