2017 flyer [PDF]

Songwriting 101

Songwriting workshop

Last meeting, we began to learn song-writing. We collected some thoughts, wrote down some words, hummed and sang a blues scale melody, and presto… a song was born!

Working together, we thought of happy days with our families. The kids’ own suggestions went on the board and we took turns creating lines that fit a 12-bar shuffle beat in 4. We looked for unifying factors in our thoughts. Common themes we shared brought us together, and we saw how our coming together brought the song together. We also eliminated some words. They used things we’d talked about earlier, like call and response.

The kids have all tried C, C7, F, F7, G, and G7. Most are now able to strum them. Rosy sang a pentatonic melody as they strummed, and it gradually took shape.

The Heartbeat of the Blues

We enjoyed the video LaFrae Sci Describes the Shuffle: The Heartbeat of the Blues . LaFrae says she thinks of Art Blakey’s Moanin’ when she plays a shuffle beat. Well, here’s Moanin’! Can you hear the heartbeat of the blues?

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