2017 flyer [PDF]

Supermarket Restaurant and Bar, Saturday April 8

Photo of Richard and Rosy in Kensington Market
Rosy & Richard in Kensington for the El Inmigrante video shoot, Summer 2016

This year’s fundraiser for the Summer 2017 session of SingingForLove will take place Saturday April 8 at Supermarket Restaurant and Bar, 268 Augusta Avenue, in the heart of Kensington Market. Proceeds go to transportation and nutrition for the kids, and to supplement curricular resources.

Photo of Certifiably Strung
Certifiably Strung GovFest 2016 promo shot, featuring the original core members

This year Rosy Cervantes y La Sana Rabia will be joined by very special guests, the ukulele ensemble Certifiably Strung, 1st runners up at last year’s GovFest Battle of the Bands Hard Rock Toronto location!

Also appearing: Evanoff, cantante Mexicano, Rock/Pop/Alternative!

Photo of Rosy Cervantes y La Sana Rabia 2016, with logo
Rosy Cervantes y La Sana Rabia 2016

SingingForLove offers the opportunity for young survivors of domestic violence to be heard, to tell their own stories in their own words, and to use music to find and grow their strength.

Children age 9 to 12 will receive instruction on the ukulele in tandem with a history and inspection of the Blues, write and record two pieces of their own. Guided by discussion and encounters with stories of dignity, respect and self discovery, participants collaborate to produce two story-songs on the theme of their happiest and saddest family memories.

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