2017 flyer [PDF]

Singing for Love 2017 kicks off Tuesday, June 13

Our first session begins 5:30 pm, Tuesday, June 13, at Counterpoint, Suite 605, 920 Yonge St, with 10 participants. There’s still time to get in on the fun! Use the form on the Contact page to get our attention.

photo of ukulele with all parts labelled and additional chart showing string names and numbers
Parts of the Ukulele
Closeup photo of a ukulele bridge with circled numbers 1—4.
The strings are numbered from the ground up. The numbers are circled so they look different from finger numbers.
Photo of the left hand, palm out, fingers apart. T is for thumb. The other fingers are numbered from the index (1) to the pinky (4).
Fingers numbered 1—4; T for thumb

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