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A musical intervention

For me, the first step in creating a unit of practice is to brainstorm, and no tool suits that process better than a mind map. For this project I’m using XMind.

Mind Map of the 6-day plan with requirements, schedule and outcomes.
Initial Plan shown as a mind map, displaying requirements, 6-day schedule and outcomes.
You may have noticed Attawapiskat is miles north of S4L’s home base in Toronto. After these details are sketched in I’ll proceed to put as much of the content as possible on line here, using LearnPress. Each participant in the course can be given a login for early and ongoing access, and we’ll be able to see who takes advantage of that. Of course this relies on there being access to computers and internet, which was sometimes problematic even in Toronto. But the organizational benefits are still well worth it to me because I’ve got it running as a WordPress site in an “AMP stack” on my laptop. I’m guaranteed to be able to run it in the classroom with the students.

Clearly it’s an ambitious agenda for six days. The content and plan will be housed on SingingForLove.net, where interested parties will also be allowed a look behind the scenes. I’ll keep providing updates on our progress.

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