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Lula Lounge March 24

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Singing For Love fundraising event March 24, 2016
Update: A good time was had by all! Thanks for coming out!

This workshop offers the opportunity for young survivors of domestic violence to be heard, to tell their own stories in their own words, and to use music to find and grow their strength.

Children age 10 to 14 will receive instruction on the ukulele in tandem with a history and inspection of the Blues, write and record two pieces of their own. Guided by discussion and encounters with stories of dignity, respect and self discovery, participants collaborate to produce two story-songs on the theme of their happiest and saddest family memories.

To “improvise” is to “improve upon.”

June—August 2016
Young people learn to play and write 12-bar Blues, with a view to the history of the Blues as a means of self discovery and self expression.

Learn the Ukulele —
   Write and Play the Blues

Under the guidance of experienced educator/performers, children ages 10 to 14 years learn about the Blues, its roots in slavery and emancipation, and its role in the struggle of a people for dignity and respect. They learn the chords of the Blues on the ukulele (provided) and write two Blues songs, which they’ll record in a local studio.