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Singing For Love develops young people’s creativity through songwriting, strengthening their ability to cope

Projects produce songs of joy, sadness, pride, and hope…

Professional guidance

Rosy Cervantes is a renowned Mexican singer songwriter and recording artist, who is also an established Counsellor in Psychology, recognized for her meaningful work to end domestic violence. Richard Fouchaux is now a specialist in electronic education and online learning, also a long time music educator, guitarist and song writer, who has taught and performed coast to coast since the 1980s.

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As a young musician practices to master an instrument, developing a sound and style of their own it’s like finding a voice. The voices of indigenous peoples have been subdued and silenced by centuries of racism, slavery, poverty, oppression and struggle. Their immense contributions, in particular to Blues (Charlie Patton), Rock (Link Wray) and Jazz (Mildred Bailey), are largely ignored. And yet they endure.

This workshop offers young people the way of music as an axis of cognitive-emotional expression. Music works physically through rhythm, emotionally through melody and dynamics, and cognitively through the musical and lyrical structure.

We believe…

Artistic creation is a vehicle that gives coherence to any life experience to be communicated through it.